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"Our goal is to develop creative entities and businesses into recognizable brands that can compete in the dynamic marketplace of contemporary society." Shawn Gee-SRGMF Founder & CEO

SRG Management Firm is a consulting firm designed to help brands manage their ideas in a smart and innovation fashion. We are driven to guide clients toward the effectual realization of their goals by leading them in the direction of obtainable success. Our companies expertise in business branding as well as musical brand gives us a unique perspective on identifying the core message of a product. SRGMF uses step-by-step systems that help any start-up or current entity better understand their brand by strengthening their approach while discovering new means of marketing and promotion.

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Creative Services

 SRG Management Firm employs a team of creative talent who strive to craft media that successfully engages audiences of your potential customers. A team of experienced photographers produces marketable images of unrivaled quality specifically for the client. Similarly, SRG’s adept team of graphic designers create unique content for social media campaigns and the company’s website. Videographers of SRG also create innovate and engaging videos to attract customers to the client. SRG Management Firm boasts the foremost team of creative designers who  produce exceptional work that is reserved for the exclusive advertisement of the client.


Public Relations

SRG Management Firm acts as a liaison between the client and your customers. Managing all public relations for the business, SRG produces appropriate press releases and news releases to maintain a consistent image of the business. Additionally, SRG issues promotional pieces, newsletters, and web posts that are meticulously designed to engage and inform your audience of current and potential customers. A strong Public Relations team is vital to the presentation of any company and SRG vows to protect the image of your business with thorough consideration.


Promotion (offine & online)

In order to develop your company into the premier business of Chicago, it is critical to captivate customers with vivid promotional campaigns. SRG Management Firm recognizes the dynamic qualities of the contemporary market and develops unique promotional campaigns that target current and potential customers through online and offline strategies. Through purposeful advertisement placement and publication placement, SRG expands the visibility of your business and guides clients towards the effectual realization of their goals.



The advertisement team of SRG Management Firm works collaboratively with the client in order to develop a comprehensive image of the business. Additionally, SRG creates advertisements, brochures, flyers, and marketing collateral that accurately reflect that marketable image and that effectively communicate your business to customers. Using a range of advertisement material, SRG commits to the client a promotion team that advertises your business in a specific area to target potential customers. SRG also maintains strong relationships with a number of radio stations, broadcasting your uniquely designed advertisements on the radio.


Event Planning

Customers desire an intimate experience with companies. Therefore, SRG Management Firm commits to providing engaging opportunities for customers and clients to interact. The Business Services of SRG offers extensive event planning that propels businesses to renown. SRG plans and prepares client parties and networking events that immerses your company into the contemporary market. Also, SRG supplies the music, location, and additional amenities to ensure the success of the event.



The marketing team of SRG Management Firm understands the momentous importance of proper advertisement and promotion. These are crucial elements in the effectual development of creative entities into recognizable brands. By working with SRG, the artist will have the advantage of a skilled and proficient marketing team that handle all social media content for the artist. Additionally, SRG, a prominent name in the Chicago music scene, promotes all events that are associated with the artist. This embeds the artist into the dynamic market of the urban music industry and positions the artist’s brand alongside other prominent figures in the music scene. To further market the artist as a recognizable brand, SRG cross­ promotes content to various websites and targets specific customers with this successful marketing strategy.


Biography Writing & EPK Creation

The creation of a thorough biography and a riveting electronic press kit (EPK) is. vital for the successful maturation of an artist’s work into a marketable brand. At SRG Management Firm, our practiced writers refine a weak profile into a professionally composed biography that engages audiences with the artist. SRG also collaborates with the artist to set up and design an EPK that captivates audiences and attaches a brand image to the artist. A professionally designed EPK is vastly important to establishing an online presence and highlighting the unique talent of the artist. SRG provides unparalleled services to create and promote an effective EPK, elevating the artist to a level of recognizable celebrity.


Graphic Design

An illustrative presence is an exceptionally important factor in advancing in the contemporary music scene. The graphic design team of SRG Management Firm realizes the relevance of a visual representation in the development of creative entities into marketable brands. Through an intensive creation process, we create visual logos to accompany the artist as a brand and distributable flyers that continue the pictorial representation of the artist. SRG works on all print and digital media for the artist and commits to the effectual realization of the artist’s goals through innovative graphic design.



In order to establish a marketable presence in the dynamic industry of Chicago’s urban music scene, it is imperative accompany a static visual brand with an alluring array of video work. At SRG Management Firm, we dedicate a team of skilled videographers to creating innovative and engaging videos to attract audiences to the artist. In addition to filming visually stunning music videos, SRG also manages Vlog features for the artist to asset an online primacy in the virtual realm of the music industry. SRG also captures footage from events and promotes the videos to the public.



A visual representation of the artist is eminently essential in the development of creative entities into marketable brands. Advertising in print requires a photographic depiction of the artist as a brand; therefore, SRG Management Firm hosts professional photo shoots for the artist to produce marketable images of unrivaled quality. Additionally, SRG commits to capturing photos from events and promotes the images to the public.


Web Design

The contemporary market requires a preeminent online presence that blends professionalism with exoticism. Customers expect companies to maintain a brilliant website that matches the quality of their work. At SRG Management Firm, we commit to the design and management of a website that surpasses the expectations of customers. SRG updates website content and offers information technology (IT) repair in order to maintain a consistent image of your company.


Web Development

The contemporary music scene requires a preeminent online presence that blends professionalism with exoticism. Audiences expect artists to maintain a brilliant website that matches the quality of their work. At SRG Management Firm, we commit to the creation and maintenance of a website designed specifically for the artist that surpasses the expectations of fans. SRG updates website content and works on search engine optimization (SEO) and other analytical work in order to catapult the artist to renown in the music industry.

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